Top 10 List of Healthy Snacks

healthy snacks list - ApricotsPicture this it is 3pm and you are sitting at your desk at work. Lunch was two hours ago and dinner is ages away. However you start to feel the first pangs of hunger, your stomach rumbles and you cannot concentrate on your work. However you are following a low calorie weight-loss plan, so what do you do? You know you cannot just go to the vending machine and grab a candy bar, as that will destroy in one mouthful all your work so far. What can be done?

This kind of problem can grow out of all proportion if you let it. However with a little planning on your part you can make one of the low-fat snacks below and take it to work with you. This way when you start to feel peckish all you have to do is reach into your bag and pull out a healthy nutritious snack.

Here is a list of 10 healthy snacks that are easy to make. For another 30 take a look here –

  1. 4 – 6 dried apricots
  2. 50g / 2oz of chopped up broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, pepper (whatever vegetable you like) and 15g / 0.5oz of Humus for dipping
  3. 15g / 0.5oz of natural Hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, Walnuts, Pecans or Pistachio
  4. 1 South Beach diet – fiber granola and dark chocolate snack bar (120 calories)
  5. 1 crisp bread or ryvitta spread with tsp. with thinly sliced ham
  6. 1 Apple
  7. 2 Satsuma’s
  8. 50g / 2oz olives (weighed with stones in)
  9. 1 x 25g bag of Pretzels
  10. 1 small bowl or 1 cup of cuppa soup (watch the salt intake though)

 For a few more ideas take a look here Top 40 healthy snack ideas



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